Back Pain and Weight Loss This Year

Posted in Uncategorized by admin on the August 11th, 2017

I think that when a lot of people think about going to a chiropractor, they automatically have a vision of adjustments being made to their back. That’s part of what a chiropractor does, but there’s so much more to the story than that. My chiropractor in San Jose is great. I started going to him after having minor back issues last year. He works on my back nearly every visit, but there are other things we work on as well.

For example, one of the reasons that I am having back issues is because I had a sudden weight gain last year. After putting on about 50 pounds, my posture was not what it used to be, and that caused my back issues. So, the doctor and I worked on a weight loss plan in conjunction with other treatment plans that he traditionally uses. I am so glad that he brought that up, because I think a lot of doctors would have focused on treating the pain, not necessarily treating the underlying issue. By addressing the weight issue, that will ensure that over time, my back problems will go away. That’s the hope at least.

In addition to discussing weight loss, we’ve also talked about fitness in detail. Changing my diet is part of the solution, but getting in shape and strengthening muscles throughout my body, including my back, will really improve my posture and my overall health. This is another thing that I wasn’t expecting for my chiropractor, but I’m really glad that he is mindful of these things. The fact that he evaluates me as a whole, and comes up with a comprehensive plan for my future is encouraging. I really look forward to each and every visit, and I know that over time I will start to feel even better.

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