Grandma Picked Her Own Monument

Posted in Uncategorized by admin on the August 12th, 2019

After seeing all of the custom monuments in Morris County NJ, my grandmother decided that she wanted to have one. She saw a really cute angel one that gave her an idea. She wanted one exactly like it, but with her face on it. I thought it was a little weird for her to be thinking about getting a monument before she was even gone, but she said that it was better to get it done now while she can actually make the choice, rather than when she’s gone and has no say in the matter. Although she has a point, I wouldn’t want to think about that.

To get the monument made, my grandmother went to a company that she found online and gave them a very detailed description of what she wanted. The company came up with some images to show how the monument would look. My grandmother was so excited during the entire process of the creation of the monument. I guess to her it was like hiring an artist to create something especially for you. When it was finally finished, the monument was around 3 feet tall and made of stone. (more…)

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