Horse Riding Can Be a Fashionable Affair

Posted in Uncategorized by admin on the May 1st, 2017

My two daughters love to ride horses. Their grandparents own a ranch about an hour from us, and they each have a horse there. We are able to make it out there just about every weekend, and the girls have just as many friends there as they do here. As they are getting older, I knew that their attention was either going to grow or fade as far as the horses are concerned. I was so thankful when it just continued to grow. Watching them pick out their horse riding clothes and gear for their horses too is actually one of the highlights of it for me.

I grew up loving horses just as they do, but I also grew up loving fashion and everything related to that as well. A lot of people may think that you cannot combine the two, but I highly disagree. There are even stores that cater just to riding clothes, and it is so much fun for the three of us to sit around the desktop computer at home and look at the different styles of clothes that they can get for upcoming riding seasons and competitions.

They are able to get everything from riding jackets and shirts to breeches and boots, and even show hats as well. This horse riding clothes store is literally able to clothe both of them from their heads to their feet. Even better, they are able to get stylish things for their horses too. I think the girls spend even more time picking out things like rugs, sheets and boots for their horses than they do for themselves. I am so glad that my girls are into this just as I was, because I really do think that it builds character and teaches them something about this world that no classroom can do!

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