My Brother and I Are Sharing an Apartment

Posted in Uncategorized by admin on the October 7th, 2017

My brother was living in a pretty old apartment building when I came up with a great idea. I needed to find a new place to live, and I thought it would be good if he went in with me on a two bedroom apartment that would be an upgrade for both of us. I had looked at apartments near Old Town Scottsdale and was really impressed with everything that I saw there. As soon as I saw the amenities available to the community, I had a feeling my brother would jump on board too.

He is a huge fitness buff, and he pays several hundred dollars a year for a gym membership. I have been there with him a few times, and I knew that it would not even begin to compare to the gym with the cardio room that the Stetson offers to all residents. There are also two swimming pools, and there are pool houses, a place to store bicycles, outdoor lounges, picnic areas, and so much more. I knew that it would be the perfect place for us not only because of what they offer to people living there, but because of the two bedroom apartment I saw online too.

I knew we would both want our privacy maintained. That is why this apartment is so nice. The bedrooms are on opposite sides of the apartment, and we each have our own private bath too. I knew that because of our work schedules, we would not be there at the same time for the majority of the time, and even if we were, we get along really great. Just everything about this apartment seemed really great to me, and I had a feeling that he would feel the same way. As soon as he saw the website for the apartment complex, he told me he was in!

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