Using Ninja Blenders to Get Kids to Eat More Veggies

Posted in Uncategorized by admin on the July 9th, 2016

My sister entertained us with some great tasting fruit and vegetable drinks. She was using one of those Ninja blenders. She should be the woman who does the infomercial for them. She is like a natural company spokesperson. In our family the kids have a weird revulsion to eating vegetables. There is a common sweet tooth in our family that seems to never get satisfied, and it also makes vegetables taste “yucky” to the kids. My sister came up with a nutritious series of drinks that have a lot of vegetables in them, but they also have a creamy and sweet taste that is surprisingly delicious. It looks like a fruity ice cream drink, but it has mostly vegetables in it. If you get a kid to drink one a day, they are getting a lot more vegetables than they would if they did not drink it.

I like it that I do not have to fight with them to eat their veggies. Sure, I still pester them to clean up their plates, and I do not show them the ingredients of the drinks I make for them. One day I was out and they wanted to watch me make them. I showed them the fruits and other things, but I did not show them the vegetables. I told them they could play video games until I was done making them. They left the kitchen and I put the veggies in really quick. if they knew, they would not want the drinks anymore simply because they have veggies in them.

The Ninja blenders make the drinks super smooth. There are no chunks or gritty fiber feel to the drinks I make with them. The blender I have is the same one my sister uses. It really blends everything together. The fruit gives a lot of the finished color and sweet flavor, but the veggie content is also very high. The cream adds dairy.

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